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The more an angel investor understands about executing and managing the fundamental elements of early stage investing, the better positioned they are for generating greater returns on their investments. Angelsbootcamp offers the tools and experience to execute early stage investment deals to increase investment returns, grow successful companies and create jobs.

Simon Jenner

Entrepreneur & Investor Oxygen Accelerator [UK]

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Rune Theill

Co-Founder at Rockstart Accelerator [NL]

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Mike Doherty

Program Manager at Angelsbootcamp [DE]

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Malin Iulian Stefanescu

CEO, EEU Software and Angel Investor [RO]

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George Lemnaru

Founder at Green Horse Games [RO]

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Ana Maria Andronic

Attorney at Biris Goran SCA [RO]

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Alina Stavaru

Counsel at RTPR Allen & Overy [RO]

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Adrian Gheara

Tech Startups Advisor & Angel Investor in 123ContactForm, Axosuits [RO]

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Marc Wesselink

Selection & Alumni Manager at Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living [NL]

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Lyuben Belov

Managing partner Launchub [BG]

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Florian Gheorghe

Lawyer and Angel Investor

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Jonathan Bixby

Executive Director, Growlab [CA]

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Vienna Room

  • Raising angel money

    by Mike Doherty (moderator), Jonathan Bixby

  • Hands on investing

    by Mike Doherty (moderator), Adi Gheara

  • Both sides of the table

    by Mike Doherty (moderator), George Lemnaru, Malin Stefanescu

  • Coffee break

  • Evaluating early stage ideas

    by Mike Doherty (moderator), Jens Lapinski

  • Working with accelerators

    by Mike Doherty (moderator), Lyuben Belov, Simon Jenner, Marc Wesselink

  • The due diligence process – lessons learnt

    by Mike Doherty (moderator), Ana Maria Andronic, Alina Stavaru

  • Goodbye wine

  • How to Web Hoodie Party

    Music Club (Str. Baratiei nr. 31)


VIBE (Venture Initiative in Balkan Europe) is a regional eco-system accelerator, supported by the European Commission. VIBE, one of the projects of the South-East Europe (SEE) Programme, is being co-financed by European Union with a budget of ~€1.7 million. With 12 countries participating in the project, the goals of VIBE are to connect local communities in the region and through joint actions contribute to the development of key financing processes for innovation and entrepreneurship in the SEE and beyond.